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TOPIC is reflection at site rulls. It for all and not negociable,not As long I AM THE ONE WHO pay EXTRA BILLS for internet,electricity, pc, to have this job. Pay the models for your fetishes, even for blah-blah ,for that are made porno sites. Do not live like A PARASITE on worker people back(models and paying members). _ FREELOADERS, BEGGARS,RUDES ARE NOT WELLCOME.GARBAGE must throw out Kick/ban tools for that are.What you give,that you get.
a parasit freeloader !!!!!! BAN HIM !!!!u cant live as a PARASITE on others worker people back(models and paying members),stealing they food from mouth...and to imagine you are welcome on a porno site
u are just a shame for humanity and a desgust for all worker peoples (models and paying members).